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Hoop Making Party

If you'd like to bring something multigenerational, crafty, creative, and fun to your event or organization, a hula hoop party is perfect!

All necessary supplies (tubing, connectors, colorful assorted tapes) will be provided by Benjamin, who will begin this program by sharing the best way to find the perfect size hoop for beginners. Next, everyone will help themselves to materials while Benjamin demonstrates how he goes about connecting the hoop and decorating it with tapes, giving tips that he has learned through years of hoopsmithing.

Finally, Benjamin will break down some of the basic fundamentals of hoop dance for program participants and share online resources to explore further. Participants leave with all of the tools they need to enjoy their new hoop for fitness, expression, and play!

To reach out about bringing this program to your event or facility, email

Cost is $20/hoop, minimum of five participants.

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