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Modern hoop dance has served many as a tool for achieving
self-confidence, embodiment, empowerment, and mindfulness;
a gateway into dance and a multigenerational source of play.
It is familiar enough to evoke a willingness to try, yet mystifying enough to deeply resonate with colorful and eccentric people.

In this session, participants will introduce themselves and discuss their experience with movement and the psychological “flow state,” as well as its potential for healing and personal growth.
Following this will be a brief beginner’s lesson and guided play session with adult-sized hula hoops, allowing attendants to explore the benefits for themselves.

The program will conclude with a closing circle where all can share their experience and brainstorm ideas for how to encourage more members of the queer community to explore movement and dance.

To reach out about bringing this program to your facility, retreat, conference, or gathering, email

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