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In this hour long program (best for ages 8+, groups of 30 or less), Benjamin will begin by sharing his personal story with the hoop; how he was able to go from hardly being able to spin it to becoming a full time professional hula hooper, emphasizing the power of practice and encouraging his students to follow their wildest dreams. Next, he will briefly educate his students about the physical, emotional, and social benefits of hula hooping, the history of the hula hoop, as well as showing different sizes and types of hoops and how they are best used.

Following this, everyone will participate in a couple non-competitive hoop related games that encourage creative problem-solving and collaboration. This will start everyone off with an attitude of confidence and playfulness.

Then it is time for everyone to try hoop dance for themselves in a guided play-session! After some brief instruction on the most basic fundamentals, Benjamin will go around and give everyone some one-on-one help, showing them fun tricks to try or troubleshooting any difficulties.

Finally, everyone will be seated and watch Benjamin give a surprise show with multiple light-up LED hoops, showcasing the possibilities of the art form.

After the program is completed, Benjamin is happy to stick around for 20-30 minutes to answer questions or provide further resources for those who want to continue pursuing hoop dance.

To reach out about hosting this program, email

Starting at $190 for single-time event. Discount packages available for ongoing programs.

Pictured here: Benjamin coordinating a hula hoop program through Wellness G.I.F.T.S., a camping retreat for families with children who have special needs.

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