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Benjamin Berry



Benjamin's hoop dance programs are perfect for a wide variety of facilities and diverse groups of people. 
Regardless of age, gender, or ability, these hula hoop seminars are adaptable to the needs of your crowd.
The end result will be a fun and memorable shared 
experience that promotes wellness, mindfulness, confidence, and creative self-expression. Benjamin's hoop programs have become a favorite activity in:

  • after school

  • libraries

  • summer camps

  • community centers

  • fundraisers; and 

  • corporate events

Hooping for Every-Body

No matter what size, age, or ability, this offering is fool-proof and perfect for multigenerational events. You bring the bodies,
we bring the fun! 


Everyone decorates and leaves with their very own hoop! Crafty and unique, this offering is easily customized to match your theme or team.

Circus Arts

Come one, come all!
These offerings aim to highlight the inclusivity of the circus community, as well as educating on the many holistic benefits.

Drag Queen


Benjamin's drag persona, "Flo Leeta," provides family-friendly entertainment and a lesson on diversity and self expression. An offering for a truly progressive gathering. 

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