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Benjamin Berry

Senior Programs

Benjamin believes that the benefits of movement are for

everybodyregardless of age or level of ability. He offers two main services in senior care facilities: 

  • Interactive Circus Shows, and the

  • Circus for Seniors seated creative movement class.

His recommendation is to start by bringing in a show, where your population can get a taste for prop-based circus arts. The audience participation bits are designed to show the audience exactly what they're capable of, and build wonder and intrigue. If they respond well to it, consider bringing in a weekly or monthly seated creative movement class so Benjamin can share the many benefits of creative movement with them. Have a Dayhab group that travels? He hosts groups at the circus studio he works through, The Birds Nest, located on 64 Fillmore Avenue.


About the "Circus for Seniors" Program:

Fully customizable to the needs of your facility, accessible for all ages and levels of ability, and just plain FUN!

Each session includes a body-brain warm up using the developmental movement based BrainDance Method, creative group games/explorations, and instruction in prop-based circus arts that build functional, cognitive, emotional, and social capacities. The result is a positive communal experience, and an improved quality of life.​

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