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Benjamin Berry


Fundamentals of Hoop Dance
This all-levels class aims to leave participants with the tools they need to build a foundation of hoop technique. Together, we will cover: finessing waist hooping, passing, hand hooping and transitions, isolation variations, getting comfortable traveling through space/dancing with the hoop, and foot hooping. Students will leave with a repertoire of drills to practice at home. This class is perfect if you think you "can't hoop," if you are a beginner who needs direction, or if you are an experienced hooper who wants to reconnect with the basics and build control. 

“ARMageddon"- Arm Roll Technique

This single hoop workshop will delve into the rich and under appreciated realm of arm rolls. Together, we will explore four postures of contact roll technique, as well as three motifs: continuous rolls, reversals, and combinations. Numerous entries will be demonstrated, including from a weave, grip, toss, and balance, as well as transitions and conclusions to the rolls.


Crowd Pleasing Moves

This intermediate hoop workshop will cover moves that are guaranteed to ‘wow’ an audience by demonstrating impressive athleticism, dynamic body language, and control of the hoop. Techniques to be covered include expressive forehead hooping, coinflip variations, the waist wrap (AKA “booty pass”), and the notorious body roll to foot pass. In addition to these, coaching for the most effective use during performances will be provided.

Intro to Triple Hoop
This intermediate hoop workshop serves as an introductory sampler pack for three hoop technique. Students will explore wall plane manipulations/illusions, basic toss juggling concepts, a multiplex, placement patterns, entry into a hoop globe, and various other three hoop trickery. While multi hoop experience is not needed, it is recommended.

Two Hoops One Hand
This highly technical double hoop workshop will focus on two hoops in a single hand. Techniques to be covered include a breakdown of split time hand hooping; hybrids such as the "isoflower," isolation vs. antispin, extention vs. antispin; as well as the “8-grip,” related isolation skills, and transitions into and out of it. All skill levels from total beginner to seasoned twin hooper are welcome, and some hoops will be available for those who do not have two of the same size.

Hoop Dance "Below the Belt”This single hoop workshop will expose students to a contemporary and underutilized style of hoop dance which brings awareness to the lower half of the body. Techniques covered will help students learn to rely less on their hands, travel through space, inventively recover from drops, and manipulate their hoop in creative ways using their legs, feet, and contact with the floor. The result is a more full-body, dynamic hoop dance experience. It is recommended that students bring a hoop with a diameter that comes up to their waist or slightly less, some hoops of appropriate size will also be available for use.

Storytelling through Hoop Dance/Storytelling for Flow Artists
In this workshops, participants will learn to embody a message, emotion, or character through their movement, the result being personal catharsis or a deeper, more meaningful connection to their audience. Through explorative theatrical and dance coaching, storytelling elements such as dynamic progression, scene setting, invocation of emotion through movement and music, intentional dress, and the use of flow props as stage props will be covered.

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