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Benjamin has been teaching hoop dance since becoming Hoopnotica certified in 2014, and has since then hosted workshops in dozens of cities nationwide. His teaching style is inclusive to all skill levels, encouraging, and balanced between providing technical coaching and equipping his students to teach themselves through their own creativity. Click the video to your right to get a glimpse into what learning with Benjamin is like. Video produced by Philadelphia's Spin Coalition (SpinCo).

Class Schedule

Upcoming Classes
5/6/17 - Albany, NY - Hoop Dance Below the Belt
5/7/17 - Utica, NY - Hoop Dance Below the Belt and Two Hoops One Hand

>>Email for registration instructions.<<

Don't live near any of the above locations, or want additional one-on-one time while Benjamin is in your area? Book a private in-person or Skype lesson to cover any techniques or concepts you desire. Hoop dance from beginner to advanced, building an act, choreography, and other movement/performance coaching available.
$25/30 minutes or $40/hour

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